Borsec springs are located in the North-Eastern side of Romania, in Borsec depression, Harghita county, in the heartland of The Carpathian Mountains.
Borsec spa lies at a 900 m altitude. The large coniferous forest, which surround it, provides a particular healthy microclimat.
Borsec will never run out of water. There are over 15 springs of natural mineral water. Besides these springs, there are a lot of wells which reveal the potential of these mineral water resources. Their chemical composition is almost similar and also stable. In terms of flow and quality, the most important springs are spring no. 1 and spring no.2 â for the natural sparkling mineral water and the source called â7 springsâ for the natural still mineral water.
What is it so special about the Borsec water? The natural mineral waters from Borsec have a low content of minerals, a low content of iron and a high and stable concentration of natural CO2.