Cosmetic Plant

A person groomed with clean and shiny skin, feels more beautiful and stronger. As a result, skin health is of decisive importance for mood and self confidence of every woman.
The vision of our company founder, Mrs. Ileana Mester, all women should have access to quality cosmetics at an affordable price. From this ideal and the belief that nature can give science its extra power, he chose bouquet nature of those plants that, through their special properties, can meet the needs of modern women care.
Similarly, shampoos, lotions and hair care balm is based on the healing power of plants by extracts of nettle, burdock, white willow, walnut, rosemary, chilli and others.
With a wide range of products inspired by nature and as confirmed by several international awards, the firm Cosmetic Plant is always with her clients, ensuring their beauty and splendor it deserves!

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