TELEVOICE Company - Evolio brand holder - is one of the most important names in the IT & C industry in Romania. Evolio is renowned for multimedia, telecommunication and GPS navigation ofered, based on the latest technologies.
The Televoice company produces and sells: tablets PC,smartphones, ebook readers, netbooks, telecommunication products and GPS navigation systems.The company has developed mobile applications and content applications tailored market in Romania.
Evolio is a romanian brand of electronic products that are distinguished by the quality of products and services Assurance. For over 10 years, under the brand Evolio distributes a broad range of high technology products at an affordable price, as well as Smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, cameras, SmartWatch, electric scooters etc. The brand is in the top three domestic brands on the main segments: GPS (market share 25%), Smartphones 2% and tablets 10%. Also, local brands are category leaders in the following segments: GPS, watches smart cameras sport tablets for children.