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The passion for work and perseverance are just a few of the things that made a dream become reality. This way, the name of DENIS takes shape in a small workshop producing shoes for men only. In a short matter of time, due to the work, tenacity and involvement, a production factory takes the workshop’s place. DENIS accepts a new challenge in achieving a new and original line of shoes designed for the female clientele, improving the quality and the style of the products with every year that passes.
Continuing to aim higher, the company starts a new project with accessories made in asset with the shoes and opens the first store in Suceava, near the factory.
Due to the desire of satisfing a larger variety of customers, the company decides to establish a new segment in creating handbags.
The company starts a collaboration with one of the most renowned italian designers: Davide Vaccari, who manages to give his own interpretation and contemporan vision, but in the same time keeping the identity of the brand.
Besides the stores in the major cities in Romania, DENIS widens horizons, expanding in Kiev. The brand philosophy is to create beautiful shapes that define the shoe, not imposed as an ornament, but as a continuation of the human body, contoured, comfortable, elegant, specially created for the contemporary woman and man.
Now, the dream still goes on. Two italian technicians, Elio Russo and Ciro Mazza, specialized in handbags and belts, have joined the factory that today has 320 employees. Trusting a concept based on the respect for comfort and style, DENIS plans international recognition.

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