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We take pride in the name of "Songwriters Studio" because I developed a relationship with the artists and increased our customers by designing a specific sound for each. In the last year we have expanded logistical, purchasing new equipment and we have provided a much more generous collaborators, conducted on performance.
Thus, we created the studio A that is focused on recording acoustic soundtracks for feature films, documentaries and cartoons, music for video games, including doubling of voices and special effects, music albums, post production, commercials / IDs sung jingles / promos for radio and TV, DVD presentation, and soon we will complete studio B, dedicated exclusively to media productions. Also we have a powerful acoustic chamber, they are professional-level structure "room to room" equipped with tools top, where musicians can perform.
Our goal is to get talent artists, composers, producers, musicians community to another level.
We want you to succeed!

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