About Us

Who we are?

MadeInRomania provides the online place where the best Romanian brands and products parade in front of the customers that value craftsmanship and passion for beauty and tradition.

MadeInRomania finds Romanian manufacturers who can provide high quality products.

Our list will grow on a daily basis as new contractors from across the country and from all industries will join us in achieving our goal: to provide Romanian high quality products, at the best prices possible.

We are a group of professionals working together to offer you the best experience you had so far in buying or selling Romanian products.

Mission Statement

MadeInRomania aims:

to connect Romanian brands and products with an affluent audience through a variety of advertising opportunities across our site;

to reach out with display advertising and premium rich media formats, or sponsor a product or brand page;

to inspire our customers with tips, articles, photo galleries and video...or to create something bespoke that draws together relevant Romania related content and integrates the brand message with MadeInRomania;

to provide a competitive alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, while still maintaining the personal level of service and expertise.

to deliver the highest level of service.

What Makes us Different?

At MadeInRomania we will distinguish ourselves from our competitors through the following key attributes:

Our belief in the Romanian brands and products.

Our tireless efforts to pursue new opportunities for our partners and customers.

Our commitment to earn international recognition of our products’ value.

Our dedication to custom tailored client service and support.