Romanian Furniture

Growing up in one of the most important cultural and industrial city of Romania, Cluj-Napoca, I was surrounded by great quality products. Wood craftsmanship was something very appreciated all around me, therefore quality, refined furniture was something that I always wished for.
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Taste the Romanian Cuisine - Part 2

Traveling through the beautiful Romania you’ll have to taste the most delicious dishes of the Romanian cuisine. Of course, the taste is something subjective, but these ones have gained the recognition over the years. Taste them and enjoy the old culinary tradition that Romania has.
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Taste the Romanian Cuisine - Part 1

"The central characteristic of the Romanian cuisine is its great variety. It is a cuisine influenced by repeated waves of different cultures: the ancient Greeks, with whom Romanians traded; the Romans, who gave the country its name; the Saxons, who settled in southern Transylvania; the Turks, who for centuries dominated Romania; as well as Slavic and Magyar neighbors. All of these influences gradually blended into the varied and delicious Romanian culinary tradition"
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